windmill_image.jpg Lytham St Annes Road Runners Club
Founded in 1998
'Fitness, Friendship and Fun'

Windmill Plate

Recognition of services to the Club

The Windmill Plate.

The plate was donated in 2001 by Terry Hellings and Dave Wood.

Selection is by secret voting with all club members eligible for one vote each. At the 2010 AGM on 15 June 2010, the selection method was amended to first list nominations from which the final winner is selected by voting. This took effect from the 2011 election.

Past Winners

Mel, 2017 winner, receiving the plate from Sue.

Mel, 2017 winner, receiving the plate from Sue.

Year Winner
2001 Terry Hellings
2002 Bill Lock
2003 Terry Hellings
2004 Dawn Lock
2005 Joyce Grundy
2006 Dave Dunn
2007 Nigel Thompson
2008 Tony Croft
2009 Melanie Koth
2010 Bill Lock
2011 Tony Croft
2012 Julia Rolfe
2013 Dawn Lock
2014 Terry Hellings
2015 Greg Oulton
2016 Mark Selby
2017 Mel Köth
2018 Maria Tierney
2019 Bob Clough
2020-21 Maria Tierney