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Michael Crowe Trophy

Awarded to the most prolific racer

The Michael Crowe Trophy.

The Michael Crowe Trophy.

This award was donated to the club by the family of the late Mike Crowe following his sudden and unexpected death.

It is awarded purely on the basis of the most races entered. They don't need to be standard distance races, they don't need to be officially and accurately measured races, the athlete doesn't need to be an elite runner, the athlete just needs to get out there and run more races than any other club member.

The only restriction on the tally is that no matter how many races are entered at a particular track meeting they count as just one.

For an up to date list of all races entered this year see the database report.

For a list of all races entered in 2017-18 click here.

For a list of all races entered in 2016-17 click here.

Current Leaders

Athlete Races
Greg Oulton 59
Neil Tate 47
Ross McKelvie 34
Tom Howarth 34
Graham Webster 31
Heidi Haigh 31
Mel Köth 28
Chris Bowker 27
Ian Tate 27
Joe Greenwood 27
Kirsten Burnett 27
Paul Veevers 26
Mark Hughes 25
Steve Tate 25

Past Winners

Greg, 2017 winner, receiving the plate from Sue.

Greg, 2017 winner, receiving the plate from Sue.

Year Winner
2006 - 2007 Willie Richmond
2007 - 2008 David Wood
2008 - 2009 Mel Köth
2009 - 2010 Peter Cruse
2010 - 2011 Graham Webster
2011 - 2012 Mel Köth
2012 - 2013 Graham Webster
2013 - 2014 Mark Willett
2014 - 2015 Greg Oulton
2015 - 2016 Greg Oulton
2016 - 2017 Greg Oulton
2017 - 2018 Greg Oulton