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Issue 3 - December 2018

Welcome to issue 3 of the ‘Run of the Mill’ (e-edition). 

Due to my work commitments it has been a while since the last newsletter. Much has happened in the meantime, including; a summer green tie ball, a Welsh Castles adventure, LSARRC inter-club success and a great Green Drive 5. Some of these are reported on further in this edition.

As I write, the club's first Sandta 20 race is soon to take place. This has been organised at short notice by Gavin. I'm sure that this will be a success and a lot of fun for those taking part.

Hopefully you will find this an interesting read. If anybody would like to contribute an article towards future club newsletters then please let me know.

Finally, a big thank you to Dave Wood whose photos are used a significant amount in this edition.

Richard (Editor).



In this issue:

Catch up with the latest Club News and announcements.

Read the latest thoughts of our Chair Maria in Chair's Chat

Captain's Corner. Share the latest thoughts of our inspirational leaders

Terry Hellings reports on the latest Juniors activities

Green Drive 5 Goes to Uganda

Kirsten Burnett reports on being A Welsh Castles Newbie

Runner Close-up. Top junior Sophie Bohannon answers our probing questions

Social Scene. Keep up to date with what's happening outside of running

Run Well with Dave Whyman

Proof that not all runners are that fast out of the blocks in Terryble Tales

Get Racing! Check out some of the upcoming races

Check out the Notice Board for regular reminders and useful links

Club News and Announcements
New VP! 
Gavin Stansfield has taken on the role of Club Vice-Charperson. We all wish him well.

Virgin London Marathon

The ballot for the club's VLM place took place on 6th November. Congratulations to Sue Hawitt who was this year's lucky winner. If you want to be in with a chance next year then check out the entry criteria on the club website.
Special Congratulations!

To Michelle, Felicity, Alan and their partners for their recent nuptials and to Mike and Natalie Toft on their recent new arrival.

We wish you all the very best!
Welsh Castles Social
A belated Welsh Castles get together has been organised for Friday 18th January 2019 at the 88 Chinese in Ansdell. This will be a good chance to reminisce about this year's great weekend in Wales and to get your name on the list for next year's event.
As usual the evening invite to open to everyone, including partners, so come and join us for an enjoyable evening. 

Mark Hughes ( is doing the organising so let him or Richard know if you would like to join us. 

New Years Eve Run!

See the new year in in style by joining Julia for a run followed by 'auld langs' at midnight back at the windmill. If this sounds tempting then meet at 11pm, 31st Dec, at the Windmill.

Couch to 5K

The club's second C25K group graduated at Lytham Hall parkrun on Saturday 10th November 2018. Most have continued on their running journey to 10k with our club Run Leaders

The next C25K group will start Monday 7th January 2019 if you have any friends/relatives who are interested sign up on the run together website at
Christmas Handicap Social

This month's handicap will be on Thursday 20th December, starting 6:15pm. This will be followed by a social get together at the Country Pub. If your can't make the run, make the pub! 

Membership Update

Membership fees are due again from the 1st January and these remain at Senior £50, Junior £35. Family discounts are also available. This represents great value,. For less than £1 per week your membership includes:

* 2 club sessions per week
* A weekly interval session provided by qualified coaches
* Race fee discount
* Interclub series races
* Cross Country and Road Relays
* Monthly Club handicap race
* Social / Club Weekends
* Great support from your fellow Green Machine members!

The club will again be offering an 'early bird' incentive to reward prompt payment. All memberships paid before 31st January  will be entered into a prize draw . Up for grabs: 
3 x £10 off Senior membership fees
2 x free Senior entries into the Carnival 5K race 2019  
2 x free Junior entries into the 2019 Carnival Junior or Carnival 5K races (* age permitting) 

Membership fees can be paid by balance transfer (details to be announced very soon) or by cheque/cash to Mel. Make cheques payable to 'Lytham St Annes Road Runners'.

Note, PayPal should NOT be used for membership payments. This is due to difficulties with them acknowledging that we are a non-profit making organisation.

A very warm welcome to all of our new members (since June);

Sue Henry, Dan Gregson, Christine Rouse, Claire Markham, Dominic Garrett

Ben Gregson, Maddie Markham, Adhamh Holton, Matthew Holton, 
Curtis Da'Volls, Aaron  Miller

Chair's Chat

Thoughts from our leader

It’s strange to think that only a couple of years ago I started going along to the beginner’s group with Terry, Greg, Graham and Nigel on a Monday night and now I am a fully qualified Athletics coach with a specialism in speed and the chair of the Club – who would have thought!

I wanted to make my very first Chair’s chat a celebration of the people who make the club the well organised, friendly, welcoming club it is.

We have such a mix of members – from those who compete at the highest level, breaking records and achieving Personal Best after Personal Best to the other end of the spectrum with members like me who don’t actually like competing but wanted to join a club to improve my running yes, but also to meet people.

So here we go, in no particular order:

Bob Clough spends an extraordinary amount of time organising our Inter Club and Green Drive 5 and Mile races to make them the fantastic events they are. Many of you will be aware that Bob will be stepping back from Green Drive Mile in 2019 but we have the more than capable Kirsten to take over.

Gavin has had his first foray into organising an event for the club with the Sandta 20 , which takes place on Sunday 9th December 2018, Gavin has been doing an amazing job working away behind the scenes to make this 20th Anniversary Event a success.

Terry, Graham and Greg, tirelessly travel to Track & Field and Cross-Country events putting up and taking down the tent and supporting the juniors and seniors.

Bill and Dawn Lock, Graham, Greg and Terry officiate at track and Field events – each club must provide a certain number of officials to allow that clubs athletes to compete, so this is particularly important.

Greg spends a lot of his time recording results and stats for the various categories and also working on the club’s website.

Dawn Lock on Track and Field duty
Greg measures up well

Vanessa – many of you will not have even met Vanessa, but she works so hard each week writing the press reports. Thank you also to Michelle and Als who have stepped in to cover the press report when Vanessa has taken well deserved holidays. Terry also often writes reports for the ‘All Stars’, in the Gazette.

The coaches – Terry, Mel, Dave Whyman, Dave Rigby and Joanna give up their time to cover the Tuesday/Thursday training sessions for seniors and juniors. Along with Graham and Ross who fill in when needed too, Debbie and Dave Wood run Monday night juniors Sports Hall athletic sessions.

Terry the club's head coach also does ad hoc training sessions for juniors with a particular event or goal they may be working towards, he also plans the seniors Tuesday night training sessions and keeps the noticeboard in the YMCA up to date, he has also stepped in as Men’s captain when the need has been there.

Dave Wood travels (often on public transport)  to attend events to take photographs and also spends  large amounts of time to upload all said photographs.

Ross, Graham and Terry take out some of the older juniors on a Monday night for extra training.

Run leaders Sue, Michelle, Claire and now newly qualified Run Leader John Wild show dedication along with other seniors – Greg, Juli and Jason who regularly run with the expanding Monday beginners’ group.

And I must not forget two of our older juniors– Rebecca who helps in the Sport’s Hall at Athletics on a Monday and Holly who volunteers helping with the junior session on a Tuesday night. They are both due to take a Young leaders course in December too.

Becs puts in all the club kit orders and does such a good job of providing us with new club kit as required.

Julia shares the role of Women’s captain with Als - Julia has also been beavering away to get all the evidence and information together for the Club Mark – this really is an unbelievable amount of paperwork. Congratulations to Als who has now completed Coaching Assistant course.

Nigel – Men’s Cross-country captain

Debbie and Mark Hughes – Junior Welfare officers

Claire– Senior welfare officer – there is a vacancy for a senior male welfare officer.

Dave Whyman and Felicity Wolohan are the clubs mental Health Ambassadors.

Neil and Greg organise the monthly handicaps,

Richard puts together – The Run of the Mill.

Social media and website – Kirsten, Neil, Richard, Mel, Joanna (website maintenance) and Greg.

Rachel does a great job of organising the club’s social events.

Lastly a big thank you to the committee for their support and help, particularly Sue who holds it all together.

So, there you have it, (I hope I have not missed anyone) this club would not be the club it is and that I am proud to be a member of without each and every one of these amazing dedicated individuals – they all deserve a pat on the back and I hope they all know, that I for one, really do appreciate all they do.

All that is left is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019


Captains' Corner

All the latest from Nigel, Als and Julia

Ladies Update

from Als Everest

After a very successful inter club series the women were riding high when starting the cross-country season. The first race was a bit further away than usual at Ulverston. Joanna Goorney was the first Lytham runner back in 28:30, Catherine Carrdus in 29:12, Mel Koth in 30:23 and Kirsten Burnett in 37:48. The next runner back was Debbie Francis in 43:26, Gillian Oliver in 48:29 and Sarah Bagshaw in 53:23. The ladies team came forth overall in this race but was the first team to finish in the over 35 and 45 categories, a very impressive start to the season! 

The next race in the season was a little closer to home and was the ever-impressive Sefton Park Cross challenge race. This race is important as it is where a lot of runners go to get picked for European teams, there have been celebrity runners attend this race for this reason! The first Lytham lady to finish her 8k race was Liz Abbot in an impressive 29:01, Catherine Carrdus was next in 32:32, Joanna Goorney in 33:30, Mel Koth in 34:27 and Claire Markham in 41:28. Again the Lytham ladies team came forth overall in this race but was the first team to finish in the over 35 and 45 categories, a brilliant effort ladies!

The next race in the cross-country season is on 12th Jan 2019 atTowneley Park, Burnley. It would be great to see as many runners as we can at the event to try and keep the impressive streak we have managed up


Jo and Catherine at Ulverston.

Gillian Oliver at Ulverston.

I was reading about cross country and came across a site which said ‘Ten Reasons Cross-Country is The Best Sport!’ and I agreed with every one. 

1. Everyone can do it. 
Yes, we have an incredibly talented ladies team who come first in the races and I won’t take away from that. We also have runners who attend for the love of the race, it is a really inclusive race and everyone feels part of a team no matter where they come. In fact there have been times when ‘slower’ runners have made up the Lytham first team and we as a club would not have placed without them being there. 

2. The race takes less time. 
As many of us are training for longer races it is quite refreshing to do a hard 5-10k race and be finished within an hour. 

3. It’s Inexpensive. 
Unlike other sports we need relatively very little to race in the cross-country season. Only our running kit and spikes or trail shoes, depending on which you prefer. 

4. Great Way To Get In Shape or Improve fitness. 
It is very easy to not run in the winter with the wind and the rain. I find that because I know I have cross country races coming up I am more likely to go for a run. 

Claire, Liz, Catherine, Mel and Joanna at Liverpool

5. It’s an Individual Sport. 
Cross country is a pretty individual sport, the training and the races are all based on your effort, perfect for PB or just great workouts for you!

6. But it is still a Team Sport 
Although cross-country is an individual sport it is still a team sport too. Whether you are finishing a race, a workout, or even a long-distance run your team is always there. Their cheers are heard from the start of the race, till long after you finish.

7. You feel great when you have finished

We all know there is nothing like the feeling when you finish a race. Yes you will be exhausted and filthy after running through lakes and jumping over muddy puddles but the feeling after is one of the best you can have in terms of achievement and accomplishment. 

8. It is a rewarding sport
Carrying on with number 7, there is nothing like the feeling when you finish a race and realise you have achieved a PB, a personal course record or created a team for your club. 

Liz at Liverpool
Claire at Liverpool

9. Training is Hardcore
For most of us running is not easy and we do regularly question why we put ourselves through it. This is made even worse when we are running in rain, snow, sleet or below zero temperatures. I say all this finishing a training run in the rain makes everyone feel that bit stronger and more resilient for any race they have coming up. 

10. Teammates become good friends
One of the things I love about cross country is the team atmosphere. I have had many good conversations and laughs with teammates in the tent after the race. Getting ready in the tent beforehand all slightly nervous for the race to start then, eating the cakes and drinking coffee whilst cheering the men on as they thunder past makes for a great atmosphere

Als x

Mens Update


Beware of opening your mouth. After doing a great job last season the men’s cross-country captain, Neil Tate, stood down before the start of the current season. As the club’s representative at the cross-country AGM, I took it upon myself to compile a list of names, men, women and juniors, for submission to the mid-Lancs league prior to the season. I definitely did NOT say I would be the men’s cross-country captain but I was voted in by the committee anyway. Ho hum. If déjà vu is an illness I’d be hospitalised by now.

But so far so good. For the last two years our senior men have performed amazingly well, firstly by winning gold and promotion from division three and division two in subsequent seasons. In the first race of this season, at Ulverston, the men firmly established themselves in the top division by finishing third in that league.

The course at Ulverston was muddy in places and very, very wet. The town is also the birthplace of Stan Laurel so, for the press report, I matched the two together and titled it “Another fine mess”. Well, I thought it was funny but the LSA Express obviously didn’t as they didn’t use it so neither will I.

In these delightful conditions Chris McCarthy lead the charge in 10th position. Mike Toft and Joe Greenwood also shone to finish in the top thirty. This meant our “A” team were fifth overall and, as already mentioned, third in the top division. With thirteen runners out there we even had a “B” team. Great effort chaps.

Chris McCarthy at Ulverston
Jason enjoying himself at Ulverston

Now I am not going to blow my own trumpet here but want to use myself as an example of what can be achieved by simply turning up and trudging round the course. Due to injury Ulverston was my first competitive race for over a year and it showed. I finished 240th out of 249th. I wasn’t going to bother competing but without me there would have been no V60 team. As only four V60 teams competed and we were third it meant that we had an excellent eight-point start to the season. Of course Terry and John were the real stars of the team but I want to show that any of us can count in any race no matter how bad we think we are.

Three weeks later a few of us attended the National Cross Country Relay Championships in Berry Hill Park in Mansfield on Saturday. The was the 30th year that the English Cross Country Association have held the event at this venue and there were over one thousand teams entering the ten races.

We had a full team of four in the senior men’s event, each running a 5K leg. The event always attracts the country’s top cross country athletes, and the bone-dry conditions led to fast times with several competitors running their legs in under 15 minutes.  

Chris Bowker, Graham Webster, Jonathan Tuck and Neil Tate ran each leg in turn with Jonathan putting in the fastest time for Lytham. Out of 153 full teams to finish our “A” team finished 117th, no mean feat when competing against such a high standard. 

Mens XC Team at Liverpool

Since then we have had a couple more mid-Lancs meetings. One of these was combined with the British Athletics Cross Challenge in Sefton Park, Liverpool in much better weather conditions than at Ulverston. This is always a good one for racing against the best but, sadly, we didn’t have our strongest team out that day and only had Joe Greenwood finish in the top 100. I must add a well done to Joe for this. The vet 40s did well though, scoring 5 points.

Last Saturday was the third race of the mid-Lancs season and the last of 2019. The Hyndburn course was at its muddiest for many a year but our team again shone with all six of the “A” team this time finishing in the top 100. Mike Toft, Andy Draper and the aforementioned Joe were all in the top fifty to help the team finish sixth overall, and third in our division. And we had a “B” team in 16th. 

 Mike, Chris Bowker and Ross at Hyndburn

Here we now are at the halfway point of the season in a respectable equal fourth in a tightly contested division one. Even the “B” team are in contention for promotion from division 4. Three meetings to go and all to run for. Keep it up chaps


Juniors Section

Another busy period for the Juniors is reported on by Terry Hellings. 

A lot has happened since the last edition of ROTM with our young athletes representing our club with great pride and a fair amount of success at cross country, road and track and field.  There are too many successes to reproduce them all here but they have all been reported in the local press, on Facebook, on our notice board and can still be read about on our website under the News tab.  At the last cross country we had 13 juniors running more than Preston or Blackpool.

We also had some impressive performances in the Lancashire Track and Field Championships.  Frankie Ball finished second for a silver medal in the under 13 boys 800m, 3rd in the long jump for bronze and after a tiring day 4th in the 200m.  Rebecca Fisher picked up bronze for 3rd place in the under 13 girls high jump and finished 2nd for silver in the discus.  Rebecca also finished 5th in the 70m hurdles.  In the under 17 women’s race Laura Bremner finished 7th. Throughout the summer Amara Thorpe, Amelia Bielec, Francis Ball, Morgan Pritchard, Brogane Murphy, Maddie Markham, Laura Bremner, Rebecca Fisher, Sophie Bohannon and  Clemmie Tierney have all represented their club well at track and field running, jumping, throwing and hurdling with some success.

Maddie  Markham in her first race for Lytham.

Rebecca Fisher equalling her high jump PB and earning a silver medal
U11 Girls at Liverpool XC (left to right: Elle, Clemmie, Isabel, Leoma and Rosa)
We have also been well represented at local funs runs including our own GD 1 mile race.  The fun run attached to the Fairclough 5 saw 17 of our young athletes take part with Sophie Bohannon winning comfortably and Lytham juniors filling the first 5 places.  However what made the junior coaches feel most proud (and the parents of our juniors I ‘m sure) was the completely unsolicited Facebook post about our young athletes by the race organiser:-
The highlight of the last 6 months for our juniors was undoubtedly the junior presentation combined with a celebration of the clubs 20th anniversary and 10 years for our junior section. The Lytham junior section started 10 years ago with just a handful of young athletes running on a Monday evening to now having 6 weekly junior training groups and athletes aged 8 to 17 competing at distances from 70m to half marathon on track, road and cross country, over hurdles, at high and long jump, shot discus, javelin, tri-athlon and bi-athlon. Lytham juniors have competed with some success since their humble beginnings winning individual and team medals at county championships for cross country, track and field and road relays. Several junior members have also been selected to represent Lancashire at Inter County events.
Frankie in Long Jump action
Most of our juniors attended and with parents and coaches we had 70+ attendees.  The day started with games of rounders and tag.  After the games it was time for the serious business of the traditional annual juniors v coaches v parents relay.  The junior athletes have never finished anywhere other than first in this prestigious event but on this occasion, it was the parents A team that prevailed with the junior girls of Clemmie Tierney, Maddy Markham, Brogane Murphy and Sophie Bohannon just getting pipped for second place by the coaches.  Plans are already in place for the title to return to its rightful home.  We even had a bouncy castle (bet you wish took up the invite now).   The games were followed by a barbeque, liquid refreshments and the presentation.  A great day was had by everyone a format we will hopefully repeat

We have an amazingly dedicated and ever growing group of junior athletes, some very supportive parents and with the hard work of the coaches a very successful junior section but can always find space for more helpers.  Since the last edition of ROTM Als Everest has qualified as an assistant coach and regularly helps out on Tuesdays while Ross McElvie and Graham Webster now regularly help by taking a group of juniors running on Mondays and occasionally helping on Thursdays.  Anyone wanting to get involved with helping with our future seniors please get in touch.


LSARRC Juniors V Kirkham Grammar Juniors

On Monday 10th December 16 of the LSARRC Juniors had their annual indoor athletics competition against Kirkham Grammar Junior School.

Every athlete took part in the speed bounce and there were some excellent individual scores from Oscar, Ted, Angus, Charlie, Sophie, Cleme and Leoma who all did at least 50 in 20 seconds, which put our team into the lead. Then they took part in long jump with a win for Morgan, triple jump, high jump with a win for Kiera or javelin. Next was the 4, 3, 2 and 1 lap races. Some of our athletes are younger than the Kirkham children and as we don't have many boys, some girls competed in the boys events, despite this they tried incredibly hard and achieved some excellent placings in the races. To finish, all the children took part in the 4x1 and obstacle relays. They worked well as a team and it was lovely to see everyone encouraging each other.

The results were close, Kirkham won the girls competition and Lytham the boys. Thank you to our coaches and Kirkham. Every athlete took part in 5 events in an hour and judging from the smiles everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you also to the parents for your support.



Green Drive 5 Goes to Uganda

How do 25 GD5 t-shirts end up in East Africa? Bob Clough explains.


Last year we had a surplus of about 25 GD 5 t-shirts which sat in the lock up. I have a friend who works in Uganda as a church leader and house parent to teenagers who he is putting through school. He took the t-shirts back with him and as you can see they have gone down very well! 


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: David T Atkinson <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018, 16:28
Subject: Green Drive Five
To: Bob Clough <>
Greetings Bob
In recent years the village of Kyamatende, Kumuli District, Eastern Uganda have held a very low key cycle race. Jeremiah, the chairman of LC1 has a development group that meets occasionally and this year he asked me to be the speaker. My Village Mission Team had already decided to take my grandchildren on mission to Kyamatende to hold seminars & evening crusades, which could be combined with the cycle race. Chairman asked me to provide some shirts and he started to make the thing a big occasion asking for marquees etc., which I wasn’t too happy with because of cost when my funding was at danger level.
Isn’t God good, through you, He provided ideal shirts for cycle racing.
In the event I couldn't borrow the extra van that was needed to transport us all to Kyamatende, so I decided to use what we would have spent on the travel etc., along with your shirts and some small prizes (skin jelly) for him to use as he saw fit; and Alex went by public transport to watch over everything and take photos.
It became a big day event bringing much pleasure to the village and surrounding villagers.
I hope that these pictures, some a bit burnt out because of the sun, will enable you to share with your friends that much good and joy came out of the donation.
Traditionally the prize was a cycle frame, so we provided that also for the winner of the mens race.
Chairman decided that on another day they will have a football match day, so he saved the rest of the shirts for the football team. Alex will go again and take photos. (Kyamatende is Alex’s home village.  The village is being upgraded into a sub-county and electricity is coming. He is hoping to buy another small piece of land adjacent to his present plot; preparing for the future, after me).


A Welsh Castles Journey

Kirsten Burnett tells us about her first experience of the club's favourite annual tour of Wales.


Caernafon To Cardiff In 211 Not So Easy Miles.

I’d heard people talk about Welsh Castles and suggest it was something I’d really enjoy, so despite taking advantage of my family’s patience in last year’s competitive mileage quest, I put my name forward for this year’s team.  I was thrilled to find that my name had been pulled out of the hat.  Setting off on Friday morning, travelling with the two Nigels, Sue H and Ian Tate meant that we had a relaxing afternoon in Caenarfon.  On arrival we checked in at Trotters Hostel and I went on a search for a landline to do an interview with Rock FM about parkrun’s NHS birthday celebration.  A wander round the town and headland, and a coffee together, meant we were nicely chilled before everyone on the minibus arrived.  Ian found a pleasant spot outside the Anglesey Arms to while away the afternoon, starting his carb-loading nice and early with assurances that he’d take it easy on Saturday before his Sunday run (ahem).  A lovely Italian meal and a return visit to the pub followed, with the ladies retiring for an early(ish) night in preparation for the weekend.
The team engaging pre-race nerves coping strategy.
Up early, a run for Mel, breakfast and then we checked out.  I’d never stayed in a hostel before and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was.  We watched Graham start the team off on stage 1, knowing he’d be disappearing elsewhere after his run.  67 teams with 20 runners each took part, plus other supporters, so the atmosphere was buzzing.  And it was hot.  It was lovely to meet Steve and Emily, who live in a part of Austria I’m familiar with – clearly a few hills were unlikely to bother them!  I was part of a team of marshals on stage 2 – with Terry representing us.  This was fun.  Ian, Mel and I waited a while in the hot sun but then cheered the runners along.  Lots of teams dropped by in cars and buses to our spot so there was lots of friendly chat and mutual support.
Welsh Castles requires military precision – we’re talking a well-oiled machine – led by Captain Richard.  All 4 vehicles had a file showing who needed to be where, when, and with whom.  And it all worked!  As the stages began and ended someone was always there with the runner and where possible support was offered en route, whether stopping with drinks and sponges (offered to all the runners, not just ours), or making lots of noise with various instruments (if anyone has my Welsh Castles cowbell, last seen at the end of Stage 14, please return it!-Ed) out of the mini bus windows, courtesy of Granny Sue.

It got hotter and hotter.  Wales was beautiful.  It’s a very hilly place! The first beers were consumed at 1pm as we watched Joe finish his stage.  I had a cup of tea – running and drinking don’t occupy the same space in the Venn diagram of my life!  I loved Barmouth, where Dave Dunn finished and Chris started.  We had a bit of time here instead of dashing around – time for a walk along the prom, an ice cream and a most welcome paddle in the cool sea.

I really enjoyed day 1, no pressure on me to run and the jumping in and out of the mini bus to support was good fun.  I felt for the runners though, given the heat and I confess to a certain dread that I wouldn’t be fast enough.  Each stage has a cut off time, determined by the organisers.  This means that some of our club runners are excluded, which is a real shame.  However, the logistics of setting up each stage, marshals coming from the competing teams and the need to deliver everyone to the right spot on time whilst also supporting did make it completely clear to me why the cut off times are necessary.
Another meal together followed the first 10 stages on Saturday night, with those who’d run letting their hair down just a little over a few beers.  Ian valiantly did his bit for the Tate brothers’ reputations as boys who like a pint or two (etc).  The ladies proved to be the quickest runners when we arrived at the bunkhouse, determined to get a decent room.  Note: we don’t feel any more comfortable about sharing a double bed than the blokes!  A quick breakfast early Sunday and we were off again.  I switched from the mini bus to Terry’s car mid-morning and was awestruck at a) Andy Draper having his first beer at 9am (his was the first stage of the day) and b) the scale of the mountains in stage 14!  The scenery was truly breathtaking and Paul Veevers ran up those steep inclines at a pace I couldn’t achieve over a flat course. 

Paul tackling Drovers Arms
Unfortunately, we established that for Mel’s stage and mine, the team wouldn’t be able to support during the run, because of the narrow roads.  Then minor disaster struck as Terry got a puncture on the way to my start point.  The team in the car sprung into action to change his wheel while I jumped in with some kind but slightly stressed out Manchester runners who drove me to the start.  I was lucky.  My stage (16) had about 60% shade and apart from a hilly start, was mainly downhill.  It didn’t particularly feel it in that heat!  I knew there would be no Road Runners to cheer me along so was incredibly grateful for the fantastic support from Merthyr Tydfil, the local club, especially one lady who’d found out my name at the start and appeared about 6 times with sponges and water.  I managed to run fast enough for the cut off (in fact I must hold the club record as it was a new course) and was overjoyed to see a big green posse waiting for me at the finish line.  We then whizzed off to Cardiff, the end point, to meet the rest of the team and cheer Ross in on stage 20.  He showed true grit with a sprint finish despite injuring his ankle during his run.
While most returned on the mini bus with (another) pub stop on the way home, I was grateful to return in the car I’d come in, meaning I was home before 1030.  The drive back soon after finishing my run, with not much space to move my legs, meant that I had a few days aching more than after any marathon I’ve ever run, but it was all worthwhile.  The whole weekend was fantastic fun, exhausting, and great team-building and I really hope I get another chance to go one year.  I’d really encourage anyone who hasn’t been to put their name forward.

The team in Cardiff

Runner Close-up

with Sophie Bohannon

One of the club's top junior talents, Sophie Bohannon 

1. When and why did you join the LSARRC 'Green Machine'?
Sophie: I joined in 2015. I want to become an athlete.

2. What is your favourite race or event?
Sophie: XC Cuerden Valley as I love the hills!
(Editor: This was Sophie’s first XC race for us and she won by a distance turning a few  heads from other clubs wondering what an under 11 girls in a Lytham green vest was doing winning so easily.-Terry)

3. What do you enjoy other than running?
Sophie: I love playing football

4. What running ambitions do you have?
Sophie: I want to run for GB.

5. What’s the best and worst thing about school?
Sophie: The best things are seeing my friends and doing sports. The worst things are homework and assessments.

6. What is you favourite holiday destination and why?
Sophie: Skiing in France in Chamonix as the weather and skiing was great.
Sophie Bohannon
7. Which ONE word best describes you?
Sophie: Determined.
(Editor: I would say the answer to describe Sophie.  She trains incredibly hard and is a shining example to any of our athletes and I include the seniors. Terry)

8. Favourite film?
Sophie: Elf.

9. Who’s your favourite singer or band?
Sophie: Dua lipa and Calvin Harris.

10. Who is your biggest hero or heroine?
Sophie: Jessica Ennis.

11. If you could choose to have one super power, what would it be?
Sophie: To fly.

12. Finally, what do you hope you get for Christmas?
Sophie: A new running watch.


Run Well

More advice from Dave Whyman about the mental health benefits of running


A study done in 2017 at the University of Sydney, Australia found the following:

“Aerobic exercise can improve memory function and maintain brain health as we age”.

 “When you exercise you produce a chemical called brain derived neutrophic factor-BDNF ,which may help to prevent age-related decline,by reducing the deterioration of the brain”.

“The main brain benefits are due to aerobic exercise slowing down the deterioration in brain size. In other words, exercise can be seen as a maintenance programme for the brain”

I knew, that you knew, it was all worth it! 

Keep running!

Dave Whyman (Mental Health Ambassador @ LSARRC)

Terry's Terryble Tales

Names have been changed to protect the dippy!

Send your Terryble Tales to


Interviewer asking Martyn what he needed to do to improve  after a poor run in the 400m heats:-
Matyn Rooney   “run faster”.
Very simple this running lark.
Me                      “Can you sign the card”  
A** E******      “I’ve signed it, I just forgot to write my name”
Silly question of the year as one of our athletes lined up with 40,000 other athletes at the start of the London Marathon saw a team mate, tapped them on the shoulder and said:- 
 "What are you doing here?”
I usually set a quiz at our training weekends about our club and members, slightly cryptic and to be done at leisure.  One of our members explained they couldn’t do cryptic clues as:-
“They couldn’t add up the letters”.
Every year at Welsh Castles there is at least one person that:-
“Can’t wait to get their leg over”

Please keep your Terryble Tales coming, preferable by email but in person, text, scribbled note, owl post (for Harry Potter fans) or any other form of communication I am likely to understand would be fine.

Social Scene

Some dates for your diaries

20-12-18 - Christmas Handicap. Run followed by a social in the County.
18-01-19 - Welsh Castles Social @ 88 Chinese, Andsell.

8-10 March 19 - Training Weekend in Grasmere. Contact Als Everest for details.


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