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Issue 1 - December 2017

Welcome to issue 1 of the new ‘Run of the Mill’ (e-edition). You will see that there have been one or two changes made, the most significant being that it will be delivered electronically, via email, the club website and social media. If anyone does not wish to receive this newsletter via their email please let me know and I shall remove you from the mailing list. I’m also aware that one or two may not have access to these tools and for these members I can prepare a paper copy. Let me know if this applies to you.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge and thank our previous Editor, Bill Lock, for his huge contribution over many years in producing the ‘Run of the Mill’ for us. I could not hope to replicate the style and substance of his fantastic publication and therefore I’ve not even tried. Hopefully though you will still find it an informative read and a useful guide for catching-up with the goings on at the club.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a PB filled New Year!

Richard (Editor).


In this issue:

Catch up with the latest Club News and announcements.

Read the latest thoughts of our Chairperson Nige in Chairperson's Chat

Captain's Corner. Share the latest thoughts of our inspirational leaders

Terry Hellings and Debbie Cooper report on the latest Juniors activities

Bob Clough reports on a hugely successfully Green Drive 5

Runner Close-up. All that you ever wanted to know about Sue Samme but were afraid to ask

Social Scene. Keep up to date with what's happening outside of running

Proof that not all runners are that fast out of the blocks in Terryble Tales

Get Racing! Check out some of the upcoming races

Check out the Notice Board for regular reminders and useful links

Club News and Announcements

Club memberships must be renewed before the end of March 2018 to allow you to be registered with UKA and then able to compete for the club. However, at this time the committee are offering a membership discount of £10 off the new £50 first claim fee IF you renew before 28th Feb 2018! Don't miss out, get those completed forms and payments sent to Mel ASAP!

The club's Virgin London Marathon place for 2018 was won by Ian Tate. Well done Ian! To be in the draw for this next time around, check out the eligibility criteria that's posted on the club website. 

We could do with a few more people who are willing to help with stopwatch duties on a Tuesday during the senior's training session. Specifically, this would cover weeks where the regular timekeepers are away. Please mention to Dave or Greg if you can help out.

A very warm welcome to all of our new members (since August);

Seniors: Gavin Stanfield, Nicola Wiseman, Julie Wiseman, Adrian Sargent,
Susan pip Tankard, Natalie Rogers, Liam Jenkins, Jonathan Tuck, Jenny Fisher

Juniors: Brogane Murphy, Isabelle Tuck, Max Walker

Chairperson's Chat

Thoughts from our leader
Richard has kindly agreed to take over our Run of The Mill newsletter. I’ve seen his draft design and it looks really good. I hope you will support him, and the club, by putting fingers to keyboard, and knocking up an article yourselves.
It’s a long time since my last Chairman’s Chat, in which I declared it would be my last. Well, obviously it wasn’t. For a number of reasons, here I am again. Having said that, I’m actually quite pleased to be here with what will happen next year.
As you know, next year is a very important anniversary. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the 50th anniversary since the formation of Led Zeppelin! Co-incidentally, it is also 20 years since our club was formed, and 10 since the junior section was set up. It doesn’t seem that long since our illustrious founder, Bryan Grundy, held the inaugural meeting in the then Conservative Club on Hastings Place.
Bryan had a heck of a job to get us established; he had to fight for recognition from the other local clubs, fight for EA affiliation, and fight for an inter-club place. But look where we are now; it was all worth it. Bryan now lives in the North-East but he is hoping to come down for at least one of our anniversary celebrations. As I didn’t join until the following year, 1999, I’m also going to ask him to write a little about those early days. So be warned if you are reading this Bryan.
As well as the founder, Bryan was the chairman for several years. His wife, Joyce, was our first treasurer. Unfortunately Joyce doesn’t enjoy the best of health these days and we all wish her well.
Several years ago I was given the chairmanship from Bryan by way of a classic stitch-up! Bryan had been on at me for ages to join the committee. Work commitments made that difficult but I eventually relented.
At my first meeting Bryan stood up and proposed that I become a committee member, which was fine and expected. What wasn’t expected was that at the next meeting Bryan stood up and proposed that I be the deputy chairman. And that was the last committee meeting that Bryan ever attended! Of course I didn’t mind; I thought it quite funny. But it’s a tactic I’ve been trying for a while now, without success.
Since those days the whole club has changed. We are a much bigger outfit; more coaches, more helpers, more races to organize. And more responsibilities. We have to have welfare officers, mental health ambassadors, risk assessments, I could go on. Administration can be a pain, and we can get bogged by it. This is the price of success but we do our best to keep it simple.
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and we have the usual round of parties. Sorry I couldn’t make ours as I was away but it was good I’m told so thanks to Rachael for that. There was however a notable absence at the cross-country fixture the following day. And without a note from his mum. No names mentioned – this time that is. Ha – you know who you are.
Merry Christmas and a speedy new year to all.
Nigel Simpkin

Captains' Corner

All the latest from Neil, Als and Julia

Ladies Update

from Julia Rolfe
Cross country report by Julia Rolfe 

At the time of writing, our most recent cross country took place on Saturday the 25th November at Sefton Park Liverpool. This race is usually a bit more exciting as the Mid Lancs league fixture combines with the Trials for the European Cross Country Championships, therefore many of the best athletes in the country are taking part, although they tend to be almost a lap ahead of many of the Mid Lancs league runners.

The race consisted of 1 x short lap and 2 x longer laps over 8km of some very wet and muddy terrain. As well as being very cold, there were also a couple of hail and rain showers just to make it a bit more challenging. The conditions made the course a lot more difficult than in previous years.
We had a depleted ladies team of 5 runners, but we still managed to produce some excellent performances. We were 9th overall in the Senior ladies, with Cath Carrdus, Joanna Goorney and Mel Köth 8th LV 35 team with Cath C, Mel K and Julia Rolfe and 8th LV 45 with Cath C, Julia R and Dawn Lock. We were 9th overall in the Senior ladies, with Cath Carrdus, Joanna Goorney and Mel Köth 8th LV 35 team with Cath C, Mel K and Julia Rolfe and 8th LV 45 with Cath C, Julia R and Dawn Lock.
Catherine Carrdus (photo by Dave Wood)
Our next fixture is at Witton Park Blackburn, on Saturday the 6th January. This course is challenging but can be fun and would be a good course for anyone who wants to give cross country a try for the first time. All you need is a pair of trail shoes or cross country spikes and some enthusiasm. Cross country has some great benefits for all runners. Courses can be tough, can be hilly, are often muddy and the weather can be cold, wet , icy or snow -covered, however its challenges can really make you stronger, physically and mentally and is an excellent form of training.

If you want any more info please talk to myself or Alex Everest.


Mens Update

from Neil Tate
There is no I in Team.
Welcome to my first article as Men's Captain. It's been a great quarter of racing and I'm extremely proud of the effort of all the men. 

Since I joined 4 years ago we have worked hard to be more competitive, not just across the veteran categories but to bring in new blood and lower the average age!

At the green drive 5 we achieved success, winning the men's team prize for the first time (Paul,Neil, Alex) as well as the Vet team prize (Paul, Neil, John). A week later more success and another team prize at the Fairclough 5 (Mike, Paul, Neil) and more recently the Preston 10m (Mike, Andy, Tom). Also along the way winning many Lancashire road medals.

Under Joe's guidance the cross country team continues to progress. After last season's promotion to division 2 we finished 2nd at Leyland and 2nd again at Liverpool. More pleasing at Liverpool was that we had a record turnout with 15 men racing including cross country debuts for Chris Bowker, Ian Tate and Jonathon Tuck. To finish as tenth team overall in a stacked field is a fantastic achievement.

These are just a few highlights, we run as a team win, lose or draw.  

As I type this Ross McKelvie has just won a 10k!

On a final note highlight of the quarter is Tom face planting just before the finish at Leyland cross country.

Till next time. 

Your Captain Mr T

Juniors Section

Terry Hellings reports on some impressive performances by the Juniors and Debbie Cooper reports on the recent LSARRC  juniors versus Kirkham Grammar event

The first thing I want to do is make a plea for volunteers to get involved with coaching our juniors.  Our junior section is busier than ever, our junior coaches are working harder than ever to keep up and we do not have a lot of contingency to cover for absences. Qualifying as an assistant coach is not at all onerous; you just need to attend a 2 day course and the club can usually help with the initial cost.  It is very satisfying seeing our juniors enjoying their athletics and at the same time progressing. We are very fortunate in having a fantastic group of hard working junior athletes from age 8 to 16 and a very supportive set of parents.  If you would like to see what we do before volunteering then just come along to one of our sessions.

 You may not be aware but we run up to 7 sessions a week for our juniors.  On Mondays (term time only) Debbie, assisted by Dave Wood, Caitlen Allen and Rebecca Tate, leads a sports hall based session from 17:00 to 18:00.  Then from 18:30 to 19:30 Graham Webster and I, assisted by Sue Samme on occasions, take a small group of some of our older/faster juniors for a tempo run.  Tuesday we have 2 groups sorted on ability Maria Tierney and Mel Koth take one group and I Iook after the other group, currently we work in Park View but in the spring will return to the YM field.  I am sure many of you would have seen some of my group (from behind at least) as we train with the seniors sometimes.  Thursday all the juniors tend to warm up together doing an easy jog from the Park View café to the school and back followed by some stretching and some running drills.  We then split into 3 groups.  Dave Whyman looks after a group on Park View, Joanna will takes a group for a 4+ mile fartlek run and I take a younger group for a similar but shorter run of about 3 miles. All the athletes do a static warm down at end of the session (Graham and Sue also fill in for absences on occasions). 
Eric Wrigley in action in the NW counties relays at Stanley Park
Clemmie Tierney in action at Liverpool
We have had record turnouts for our juniors at the first two Mid Lancs XC fixtures with 16 at both Cuerden and Liverpool 9 of which were in the under 11 races.  We also provided nearly half the entries for the Green Drive mile with several age group winners.  Several of our juniors tried their luck at track and field for the first time this season and all improved as the season progressed. We also have a small number regularly taking part in sports hall competitions. 

The junior road race championship is proving very popular which consists of the best performances from a number of local races of up to 5K. You will always see a big contingent of our juniors at Park View junior parkrun thoroughly enjoying the run wherever they finish.  
Sophie Bohannon on her way to taking first in her age group in GD mile
Finally, Debbie organised our regular sports hall competition against Kirkham Grammar which is always very popular and includes running, jumping, throwing and relays. Her report on this can be found below.
Terry Hellings


LSARRC Juniors versus Kirkham Grammar Competition Evening

We had our annual competition against Kirkham Grammar Junior School on Monday 11th December. Lytham had 15 athletes competing. We were a little short on boys and so some of the girls were in the boy’s teams!

We started with the Speed bounce competition, with the boys winning their competition. There were great performances from the winning team of Charlie W, Archie, Freddie W, Matthew, Sophie and Samantha with Olivia doing 59 speed bounces in 20 seconds which was a record for the evening. Also performing well for the girls were Caitlin, Cleme, Amara and Leoma who all managed at least 50. Archie achieved 2nd place in the boy’s Long jump competition, Freddie was 2nd in Triple jump and Olivia and Samantha were 1st and 2nd in the Vertical jump (boy’s team). Amara won the girl’s Vertical jump and Cleme the girl’s Javelin. The children then took part in the 1,2,3 and 4 lap races where they worked hard to achieve their positions. Finally were the 4x1 and Obstacle Relays, where we worked well as a team.

Overall Lytham won the boy’s competition and Kirkham won the girl’s. We all enjoyed a super evening with every athlete competing in at least 5 events. It was lovely to see the smiles on our athletes faces and to see how despite some of them being much younger than the Kirkham team they were still giving their all. Thank you to Kirkham, all of our coaches who made the event possible and the parents who came along to cheer them on.

Debbie Cooper

(photo courtesy of Dave Wood)


Green Drive 5 2017

A brilliant event, successfully delivered. Bob Clough tells us how it all came together.


All Change – the Green Drive 5 2017

You’ve read the run report, seen the newspaper article and I am sure looked through all Dave Wood’s excellent pictures. Now then – what really did happen?
The story began late last year when Mark Selby who had organised the race for 2 years stepped down and the search was on for a replacement. I was lured into the discussion – it was not a honey trap – and took on the role. Mark gave a good start by giving me his jobs list to work from and off I went learning as I went along.
The GD5 had been run for the last 17 years very much on the same basis with very little changing from year to year. Running though has changed, nowadays within quite a small radius you can enter a competitive race every weekend as well a fair smattering of midweek gigs, in other words competition for runners has crept up on us. As the saying goes, if you don’t go forwards you go backwards and expectations of what a race is about have risen.
With this backdrop change was in the air and we all know with change comes “challenges” and it can get a bit exciting at times!
First up the race went back a week as our usual weekend appears to have been usurped by other races, not a big deal as we secured a new slot with little local competition. Secondly, the time of the race was changed and brought forward an hour. This fitted in with the plan to substitute the junior mile for the parkrun and this turned out to be a good idea as marshalling was easier with less traffic, although setup on the day began before daybreak. Thirdly, following a lot of soul searching, the HQ was moved away from the school to the Pod on Park View.
All those changes were really enough for one year but I had noticed that races that promoted themselves were generally chip timed and runners half-expect this these days. So in for a penny, I spent the extra money and got the job done properly. In the past we had an issue with prizes and trophies which are a difficult thing to get right there are so many to hand out. In the end I decided to go purely for nice looking trophies which I would like on my sideboard, most liked them although others would have prefer the cash!! Another new addition this year was the commentating of Mr Brian Porter and I got very good feedback from runners who seemed to appreciate his humour (strange people these runners)
Brian Porter and Rebecca Tate
I had all the building blocks in place a week before the race thanks to assistance from quite a few people. Entry sales went very well especially on-line and the parkrun takeover promo. On-line entries were closed 5 days early and I said no entries on the day, this was a first for the event.
The run up to the race was rather stressful. We had an issue with the first aiders which was eventually sorted, then storm Brian came upon the horizon and threatening to wash the whole thing out. In the end, we decided that the race could go ahead after an inspection at 6pm the previous evening, phew!
The race(s) went off beautifully, the GD5 was especially tough with the wind and the new water feature on Lodge Lane. I particularly liked the fact we won the men’s shield for the very first time in a close competition with Wesham. I asked for feedback from runners and those who chose not to run and we got very good marks from 60 plus people, everyone said they would be back next year. As for the funds raised, over £2,300 of profit was made to go towards the club’s coffers.
Finally special thanks to:-
Mark Selby - for getting me off on the right foot and giving advice as required
Neil Tate - for orchestrating the Social Media campaign which did so much to get entries
Nigel Simpkin – for his encouragement and advice (telling me not to worry)
Liz Boon – for organising the marshalling plan
Anthea Clough – for organising me and making sure nothing was forgotten
The marshals and helpers on the day – for doing such a wonderful job, runners really did appreciate everything you did.

Bob Clough
(photos courtesy of Dave Wood)

Runner Close-up

Sue Samme

Arguably the most talented runner that the club has ever enjoyed as a member, but what is her favourite film? We get up close and personal with the wonderful Sue Samme.

1. Where did you grow up?
Sue: I grew up in Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire in 1962

2. When and why did you join the LSARRC 'Green Machine'?
Sue: I joined Lytham St Annes RR in 1999

3. What was your first running experience?
Sue: I was 11 years old and went to Layton primary school. My friend said do you want to join a running club. So I joined Blackpool and Fylde athletic club in 1974. 

4. What is your favourite race or event?
Sue: My favourite event is 5K and I love x-country running.

5. Name a dream or ambition of something (running or non-running) that you would love to do one day?
Sue: My ambition was always to run for Great Britain, which I did but would have loved to have been a more regular member of the team. I would love to live in the Caribbean one day.
Sue Samme
6. What was the last book you read?
Sue: The last book I read was 'Girl on the Train'. My favourite book is the autobiography of Brendon Foster. I also like romantic novels, particularly by Danielle Steele.

7. Favourite band?
Sue: My favourite band is Genesis/Phil Collins ! For you youngsters, it’s an 80's band. I do also like Status Quo.

8. Favourite film?
Sue: Titanic followed by Chariots of Fire!

9. Have you any unusual hobbies or talents?
Sue: My hobby is athletics and being the Blackburn Rovers mascot but I've little time for this now being a busy single parent. I have been a very keen Blackburn Rovers fan for a long time and in 1998, age 37, I became the Rovers mascot. I was  dressed as a lioness! The reign of Shearer, Dunn, and the great man Graeme Souness.

10. Who is your biggest hero or heroine?
Sue: My biggest hero(s) are the athletes of the paralympics, but if I had to point to a person it would be the Princess of Wales.

Terry's Terryble Tales

Names have been changed to protect the dippy!

Send your Terryble Tales to



On being asked have you heard from………….. one of my regular contributors responded:-
“Yes, they have jest texted me an email”
Technically possible I suppose but why?


At our latest training weekend I was asked by an overseas tourist:-
“Where is the lake?”  
They were very surprised and confused to discover there were hundreds of lakes in the lake district but I just directed them to the nearest one.

On Adam Peaty breaking the world record insightful commentator who had obviously done his research:-
“That’s a new world record; nobody has ever swum that quickly before”.


At a Mid Lancs. track and field meeting announcer made following request:-
“Will the under 15 girl long jumpers please report to the start of the 100m”
No idea what they were meant  to do when they got there but fortunately they ignored the announcement and reported to the long jump pit.


Another insightful professional commentator talking about a semi- final:-
“There is a place in the final at stake”


Not running related but worth a mention, Jamie Redknapp interviewing Kevin De Bruyne:-
“Are you looking to score more goals?”
For the non-football fans Kevin De Bruyne is Manchester City’s £55,000,000 striker


Please keep your Terryble Tales coming, preferable by email but in person, text, scribbled note, owl post (for Harry Potter fans) or any other form of communication I am likely to understand would be fine.

Social Scene

Some dates for your diaries

Thursday 21st December - Christmas Handicap followed by food & drinks at the County Pub


Get Racing!
Some upcoming races for your calendar.
  • 31-12-17 Ribble Valley 10K
  • 06-01-18 Cross Country Witton Park, Blackburn - Lancashire Championships
  • 07-01-18 Central Lancashire Half Marathon, Preston
  • 13-01-18 Cross Country Towneley Park, Burnley
  • 14-01-18 Garstang 10k Road Race, Garstang
  • 21-01-18 Inskip Half Marathon, Inskip, Preston
  • 28-01-18 The St Annes 10 Mile Run, Lytham St Annes
  • 18-02-18 Great North West Half Marathon, Blackpool

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